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Founded in 1902, AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology represents and promotes the interests of American providers of manufacturing machinery and equipment. Its goal is to promote technological advancements and improvements in the design, manufacture and sale of members’ products in those markets and act as an industry advocate on trade matters to governments and trade organizations throughout the world.

Since 1988, AMT has broadened its membership scope to include all of the elements of manufacturing – design, automation, material removal, material forming, assembly, inspection and testing, and communications and control. These changes reflect the worldwide evolution in the technologies of the manufacturing process and signify the commitment of U.S. providers to deliver and support the world’s leading manufacturing technologies.

AMT organizes and sponsors IMTS – The International Manufacturing Technology Show. This exhibition, held every even numbered year in Chicago, is the largest industrial show in the Americas. Please browse the IMTS website for more information about the show.

AMT focuses its efforts primarily on developing and implementing programs that benefit the membership as a whole and provide support and assistance to our members both at home and abroad. AMT facilitates networking, collaboration, match-making, new business opportunities, and the exchange of ideas.

The following Four Pillars explain the foundation and direction of the Association:

I. Innovation – Facilitate development and implementation of advanced manufacturing technology

With the support of the Global Technology Advisory Board, AMT provides a window to customers’ technology needs in the future.

Using programs such as the Smart Machine Platform Initiative, and initiatives to secure technology funding, AMT will work to help members lead the way in technical developments.

II. Globalization – Drive market penetration worldwide

The Association’s global reach can be seen in its offices and technical centers in China and Mexico.

Knowledgeable resources are also available to members in the important markets of India and Central/Eastern Europe.

Interactive global Market Penetration Guides provide information and data covering every major machine tool market in the world to stimulate and enhance members’ penetration of global markets.

Trade missions regularly offer members the opportunity to visit officials and prospective customers in key markets.

USA Pavilions and information booths at manufacturing trade shows around the world provide members a path to opening important international markets.

III. Optimization – Increase members’ competitiveness

Programs enabling business self-review, Lean Product Development and Lean Manufacturing help members compete.

The Business Development Review Program and the Global EDGe Business Assessment Program offer targeted help to members.

Cost management programs have the potential to lower costs and add value.

IV. Foundation – Grow and strengthen AMT

AMT represents U.S. builders of manufacturing technology equipment and related products and is actively expanding its membership to represent all segments of the industry.

The International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) is among the largest industrial expositions in the world and the largest of its type in the Americas. This giant trade show attracts nearly 100,000 buyers and sellers from over 100 countries. More than 1,200 exhibiting companies participate in this extravaganza of the finest manufacturing equipment and related technology in the world.


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AMT Key Contacts:

John B. Byrd, III
Phone: 703-827-5202
E-mail: jbyrd@AMTonline.org

Peter Eelman
Vice President – Exhibitions
Phone: 703-827-5264
E-mail: peelman@AMTonline.org

Dave Felinski
Safety Director
Phone: 703-827-5211
E-mail: dfelinski@AMTonline.org

Paul Freedenberg
Vice President – Goverment Relations
Phone: 703-827-5282
E-mail: pfreedenberg@AMTonline.org

Steve Morrison
Vice President – Strategic Communications
Phone: 703-827-5275
E-mail: smorrison@AMTonline.org

Patrick McGibbon
Vice President – Strategic Information & Research (SIR)
Phone: 703-827-5255
E-mail: pmcgibbon@AMTonline.org

Linda Montfort
Vice President – Finance & Human Resources
Phone: 703-827-5246
E-mail: lmontfort@AMTonline.org

Chris Rasul
Vice President – Meetings
Phone: 703-827-5286
E-mail: crasul@AMTonline.org

Jeff Traver
Vice President – Business Development
Phone: 703-827-5251
E-mail: jtraver@AMTonline.org

Paul Warndorf
Vice President – Technology
Phone: 703-827-5291
E-mail: pwarndorf@AMTonline.org