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The Maschinenfabrik ALFING GmbH has been a supplier of high quality crankshafts and induction hardening machines for almost 100 years. We are the largest independent manufacturer of crankshafts for automobile and large diesel engines worldwide. Our product range extends from crankshafts of 300 mm in length up to 8000 mm. In our forge we make crankshafts both in closed dies and by the throw-by-throw or TR process. In addition, our customers benefit from the support of our own experimental laboratories for material and dynamic testing (torsion & bending strength) as well as crankshaft design and development. From the need to continuously improve the fatigue strength of crankshafts and our expertise in the field of induction hardening, we have also developed the appropriate machines for carrying out this procedure. ALFING induction hardening machines are used in about 450 different applications worldwide.

Due to always new production lines and manufacturing technology, combined with its first-class product quality and perfect know-how, ALFING established itself as a major manufacturer and market-leader in the development and manufacturing of heavy duty crankshafts and hardening machines.

Characteristics of ALFING crankshafts
300 to over 8000 mm long
Over 7 million crankshafts have been manufactured since 1913
Over 25 000 tonnes of steel are processed in our forge every year
Over 200 000 m2 total area of the premises
Over 67 000 m2 production space for crankshaft manufacture
Over 340 different types of crankshafts will be manufactured in 2006
Over 80 customers worldwide
Over 1300 employees work in the crankshaft factory in Aalen, Germany