“Aichelin Gruppe”

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Телефон: +49 (7141) 64370

Aichelin Group

Since 1868 Aichelin, which is part of the Berndorf-Group, has been an international leading manufacturer of plants for heat treatment of metallic materials. Aichelin heat treatment plants are especially used in the automotive industry and its subsuppliers, in hardening shops, in the fastener and bearing industry, as well as in the industry for high-precision and small mass production components.

The Aichelin-Group is split up in the following 3 divisions:

Industrial Furnaces:
Aichelin is technological leader in this area, with profound knowledge in heat treatment and process know-how for electrical and gas heated furnaces such as multi-purpose chamber, pusher typ, conveyor belt, ring hearth, rotary hearth or roller hearth furnaces. Additionally, Aichelin provides systems for cleaning of parts (“Flexiclean”), protective gas generators (“Endomat”) and automation systems.

Induction Hardening Plants and Frequency Converters
EMA Indutec GmbH is the center of competence for induction hardening plants and frequency converters. Besides standard plants, EMA is specialized mainly in building plants according to customer specific needs. Modern, digitally controlled frequency converters supply own and other manufacturer´s plants with the required power.

Industrial Gas Burner Systems:
Noxmat GmbH has its core competences in developing, engineering and manufacturing of industry gas burners and controlers. They are used in plants for preheating and heat treatment of metallic materials and non-ferous metalls. Further, these burners can be applied in the ceramical-, environmental- and chemical industry.