Сайт: http://www.afegroup.com
Вид деятельности:
E-mail: sales@mancelle-de-fonderie.fr
Телефон: +33 (2) 43 47 5858

AFE is a group that specialises in the production of customised components and assemblies developed especially for its industrial customers.

It has an annual turnover of € 300 million and employs 2,500 people working at 15 different plant locations around the world.

The Group relies on its recognised technological expertise, a highly developed ability to listen and respond, and its extensive network of efficient development and production units organised to provide a service that is both customised and global.

Since 1993, it has implemented a Total Quality approach, based on Continuous Improvement at the service of its customers, as well as on the Company Wide Project of each one of its companies.

It combines the adaptability and flexibility of SMEs with the long-term presence and development capacities of a Group.

In terms of sustainable development, the AFE Group has been involved in initiatives for the preservation of natural resources since its inception, and continually invests in optimising not only components for its customers, but also its manufacturing processes.