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Our Mission
Offering affordable EDM machines, reliable in quality and performance is our permanent aim to achieve customer benefits and satisfaction.

As a member of the worldwide operating Agie Charmilles Group, the company offers a full range of EDM diesinking and wire-cut machines under the registered brand name of:

Located in the suburb of Beijing, the company complex covers an area of 77,000m2 and produced several thousand machines under the quality standard ISO9001 and environment standard ISO14001.

The modern facilities and state-of-the-art production are based on a highly skilled staff of R&D, Production and Sales professionals, with 20 years experience of EDM.

ACTSPARK machines offer solid and long-lasting EDM performance to the tool and die-making industry.

The company has been in fast development since its foundation in 1993. After years of constant growth, the company has become a leader in the field of electric discharge machine in China and has won acclaim from industry and society. Many leaders of state, ministries and provinces such as former president Jiang Zemin and current premier Wen Jiabao have visited the company.

In addition to state of art equipment and structure in R+D, Manufacturing and Logistics such as ERP, CAD/CAM and “JUST IN TIME KANBAN SYSTEMS”, the company management insists that quality and reliability of the EDM machines are permanently scrutinized and improved. To this effect in-house designed simulators allow functional machine testing and electrical system testing prior to final assembly thus ensuring smooth assembly operation with quality and functional assured components and systems.

BAC(Beijing Agie Charmilles) has won 3 times “The best top 10 companies award” presented by China Machine Tool Association for

· being a leading manufacturer of NC machine;
· being a leading exporter of machine tools;
· creating and establishing in the market the famous brand name.

Представительство в России – ЗАО “ЭЛЬСТАНК” +7 (495) 726 5683